"RING" "Aurora" seat harness

Belt circumference, cm
Leg Girth, cm
the weight, gr.

An affordable harness with a soft waist belt and leg loops. This harness is used in climbing, rope parks and tourist clubs. "Aurora" has reinforced lanyard attachment points. The equipment loop provides you with an easy access to your equipment.

The children's seat harness is designed specifically for young climbers from the age of 8. This comfortable and reliable harness is a perfect choice for young tourists and climbers. The soft overlay makes this harness very comfortable and reduces discomfort during long hangs or when falling. The equipment loop allows young climbers are to take all the necessary gear. Young climbers will enjoy the harness' design which is an exact copy of an adult version of the "Aurora". Attention! Young climbers under the age of 8 or those of smaller constitution are recommended to use this harness with a chest harness.

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