"RING" steel carabiner, semi-circle, 18 kN

№4А_v3 (2)
Diameter of the rod, mm
Length, mm
Width, mm
Opening diameter, mm
Load longitudinal, kN
Longitudinal with open latch, kN
Load transverse, kN
the weight, gr.

This is a special type of carabiner that is most commonly used for blocking harnesses in caving and to work with some of the full-body harnesses, such as "Comby" or "Alpina". The carabiner can be loaded on three axis simultaneously. The keylock system ensures easy connection to rigid cringles and reduces the risk of snagging.

Steel connectors or carabiners need no introduction.  They are used in a wide variety of fields - from classic climbing in tourism to rope access. Steel carabiners have notably high strength and durability. We make our carabiners using high-quality materials and up-to-date equipment. All carabiners undergo a multi-stage individual quality control. All carabiners are EAC and GOST R certified.

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